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Founded in 2023, Kupala Ventures is named after the Slavic goddess of Summer Solstice, representing joy and possibility. This firm was created to challenge the traditional financial patriarchy and make financial planning as inclusive and ethical as possible. The structural problems present in most firms that prevent fair and inclusive financial planning have been solved at Kupala Ventures so that a first-year teacher is treated with as much respect as a third-generation neurosurgeon.

Carlie has mastered the system to help you maximize your social impact without sacrificing your financial stability and joy. Her mission is to empower you to align your financial strategy with your authentic version of success.

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Carlie Ransom, the founder of Kupala Ventures, has a unique perspective on finance and social impact from her career in finance, science teaching, and nonprofit consulting. With her experience, she understands the challenges of balancing a career, family, and community involvement, and has learned from her own setbacks.

In 2022, Carlie’s financial planning practice, which primarily served physicians, was under pressure due to the pandemic. Imagine trading millions of dollars of stocks in a basement-turned-classroom all while teaching three kindergarten boys and two second-grade boys to read. When there were not enough resources in her former firm to support her rapid growth, and childcare was shut down, she had to let go of middle-income clients. This left her feeling that she was simply helping “the rich get richer.”  She realized that her seven-year practice was no longer aligned with her core value of inclusivity.  

The financial planning practice was therefore ended to pivot to the non-profit sector…

…only to realize that she is still a financial planning numbers nerd at heart…

…and that inclusive financial justice IS social justice. Hence, it was time to turn the broken system upside down with a new method for financial inclusion, and this was the start of Kupala Ventures.








  • Inclusivity –  We have a deep love of diversity and use that love to serve others and make connections across culture. We strive for justice for all. 
  • Spirit – We approach each day with optimism and take on new challenges with courage. 
  • Wonder – We approach the world with open-mindedness, allowing us to grow and imagine a better society. 
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